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We aim to earn your business, and retain your business, by creating a streamlined, transparent process from the initial walkthrough of your properties through to the final completion of service. Through our open communication approach and detailed proposals, we are thorough and precise, with fair pricing that appropriately details out methods to safely and competently complete all projects. Once a service is scheduled, a point of contact will be provided to all clients that will be on site and available to accommodate any special requests or questions that you may have. We are able to provide the highest quality of service in the industry because we hire the best employees in the industry. We have set the standard by paying the highest wages to recruit the best talent and offer a benefit package to all employees that includes medical and dental insurance, matching retirement benefits, paid time off, and work life flexibility. We put a large focus on recruiting employees, properly training them, and keeping them employed here. This shows in the quality of work that we perform. Our crews are professional, and take pride in the work that they perform at each of the properties that they service. Due to the size of our crew, our ability to properly analyze projects, and our ability to properly staff them, we are able to accommodate your individual scheduling needs and work with properties to complete projects within budget restrictions. Please contact us today if you have any questions about cleaning or restoration projects at your New England property.


At Above the Rest Building Services, we pride ourselves on the high quality of work we perform daily, throughout New England.  From the beginning stages of the proposal process through to the completion of the services, each client will see our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.  At each of our jobs there is a Manager on Duty and an immediate form of contact for each of our clients.  This manager will oversee the successful completion of the service requested, and follow up to ensure that all needs have been met.


At Above the Rest Building Services, safety is our number one concern at all times.  Each of our services are overseen by OSHA Certified Technicians that are trained to abide by all ANSI/IWCA Standards.  All of our equipment is state of the art and undergoes a vigorous test daily to ensure the safety of our employees, clients and the properties that we service.  If you have specific questions regarding the safety of your facility, please feel free to contact us.


At Above the Rest Building Services, our Sales and Estimating Teams are trained to provide the most competitive pricing for our clients. We provide cost effective ways to complete projects and offer discounts for properties that are looking to have us complete multiple services or increase the frequency of cleanings. We pride ourselves in thoroughly examining the property to ensure that we are understanding the scope of work and getting the correct pricing out to potential clients as quickly as possible.


Above the Rest Building Services appreciates the importance of sustaining the longevity of your property as well as our environment.  For these reasons, we are a member of the USGBC and a Green LEED Certified Organization.  We are committed to using environmentally friendly products to effectively service your properties needs.  All chemicals used will not cause damage to the glass, sills, facade or landscape of your property.

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